Running of the Leaves Convention in Denver


Over the weekend, I attended the Running of the Leaves MLP Convention in Denver. It started the evening of Thursday, October 31st and ended on Sunday, November 3rd.

I met some really cool bronies from all areas of the fandom, like musicians and artists. They included Solrac (Yaplap), Addative Subractive, Eurobeat, Drawponies, Hack-D, and many others.

Some of the highlights from the Running of the Leaves My Little Pony Convention in Denver included a panel by Solrac (Yaplap) called SolraCon, in which he discussed his upcoming projects on YouTube. There were musician panels, Q&As, a trivia game, a stand-up comedian, a cosplay competition, a screening of the Brony Documentary, and a charity auction.

There was also a rave on Saturday Evening featuring Eurobeat, Addative Subtractive, and Hack-D.

The local news covered the convention, including an article which appeared in the Sunday edition of the Denver Westword.

Here are some pictures from the Running of the Leaves convention.

I also gave a panel on famous fanfiction, and a panel on how to write fanfiction. You can check this video out right here.

The convention had over 300 attendees, making it a successful first-time convention. The organizers have confirmed that they will hold the con again in 2014.

While at the con, I snagged a few exclusive interviews with some of the artists at the merchandise gallery. I will be uploading these over the next few days. Stay tuned!

Interview With Aoshi, Brony Musician


Aoshi is an electronic brony musician, who has been making music for years. He has a unique style influenced by many styles of musicians. He has offered to give FimFandom an interview.

Alright, so tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m an independent electronic musician from Lehi, UT. I’ve been creating music for about 14 years now, previously under the moniker of “hidden ninja” and now under the moniker of “Aoshi” (meaning blue star). My love for music started with my love for technology. I’ve always explored the limitations of technology, manipulate technology to produce new, strange sounds. Recently I’ve molded that kind of experimental sound into my love for hip-hop music with Glitch Hop. Glitch Hop is a huge outlet for both my many styles of creativity. Err, an outlet for my many styles of creativity.

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New Video: Welcome to FimFiction

I have made a YouTube video about the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan fiction website, Now, I have done an article about how to write good fanfiction before, and posted it here. That was meant to be taken seriously. This, on the other hoof, is not. This is totally tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic.

Protip to my readers… if you pause in just the right spot, you can read the fake profile I made, as well as my Raridash disclaimer.

Partnership With the Daily Oat

The Daily Oat

FimFandom News and Interviews is proud to announce that we now have a partnership with The Daily Oat, a pony blog started in 2011. It features news on the fandom and show itself. It also gives updates on the comics, toys, and Brony appearances in the media.

I have interviewed so many great people for FiMFandom, and so they decided that they would interview me about this site! You can read the interview that I gave for The Daily Oat here.

The Daily Oat will now be listed on the “Partners” page on FiMFandom.

Interview of Pony Shadow Box Makers, the Mitchells

Derpy on a Muffin
The PaperPonyPlace is a shop on Etsy which sells paper shadowboxes of My Little Pony. If you don’t know what a shadow box is, it’s a box which has paper cutouts in it, placed in different locations so that they make a shadow. The Paper Pony Place is run by a husband and wife team, Brian and Amber Mitchell. They agreed to an interview with FiMFandom.

Interview With Inspectah Dash: Writer and Schoolteacher

Inspectah Dah

On Fimfiction, I came across an interesting and funny man, Inspectah Dash. Among other writings, he writes MLP fanfiction featuring famous rappers. His username itself is a play on Inspectah Deck, a rapper from Wu Tang Clan.

He is also a schoolteacher, and, as his profile says, “A black brony. There are only about five of us, and it gets kinda lonely in da hood.”

Today, FiMFandom presents an exclusive interview with the man himself, Inspectah Dash!

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My Little Pony Conventions in Canada and the UK


This is a big weekend for international My Little Pony conventions: Both Buck in Manchester, the United Kingdom as well as BronyCAN in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada are going on this weekend. Check out our coverage of these My Little Pony conventions as well as a list of guests after the break.

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Interview With Beavernator About His MLP Vector Art

Magic School Buds

If you browse DeviantArt for even a few minutes, you’re likely to find quite a bit of My Little Pony art. Whether it’s hand-drawn or digital, punchcard or painting. However, one oft-overlooked area is that of MLP vector art. For those of you who don’t know, in a nutshell, MLP vector art is artwork drawn to look almost exactly like the style from the show, using computer assisted tools.

One such artist who draws MLP vector art is Canadian artist Beavernator, who has agreed to an interview for FiMFandom.

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Bronies In The News: Weekly Standard’s Unprofessional Coverage

Weekly Standard

It’s rare to find any objective coverage of Bronies in the news media. Many portrayals of Bronies in the news, even by so-called “professional” organizations, are pieces so slanted and outrageous that they defy principles of journalistic integrity. As a news site which prides itself in journalistic standards, we here at FiMFandom find this to be unfortunate.

An article about BronyCon and Bronies, written by senior writer Matt Labash, appears in the Weekly Standard’s August 26th issue. Rather than simply being written in a snide or sarcastic tone, it actually accuses Bronies of being part of the “downfall of civilization.”

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Interview With DisfiguredStick, Digital Artist

Alicorn Rave Party

On DeviantArt, I found some unique digital artwork with an interesting style, influenced by the animated style seen in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and other cartoons. I got in touch with the artist, DisfiguredStick, who agreed to an interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you draw traditional artwork, or just digital?

I am a freelance artist in my spare time. I go through times where I am reasonably diligent with a sketch book but I’d say I am primarily a digital artist, the ease of CTRL+Z!

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